Behaviour Economics – Environment Change


""Save Water" Water is our life" - M. Mohithira, VI L

"Washing and cleaning instead moping then use RO water extra for other purpose" - G. Prathyush, VI B

"Washed fruits in small pots" - N. Shanmugapriya, VI L

"Used Amount of water needed for bathing" - V. Preethi, VI B

"Little usage for Bathing and Cleaning" - C.S. Shruthi, VI L

"Store the water in big continers and used with mug" - S. Anisha, VI L

"Used only little for all purpose." - S. Jharun Ram, VI L

"Used automatic cutoff system to control the water level in pershed tanks"
Y. Varshini Yuvaraj, VI L

"Used less water while bathing, In urinal used mug water instead of flush."
R. Sakthivel, VII F

"Advice others the method of saving water" - D.S.F. Abishek, VII G

"Use rain water and collect rain water for homes" - S. Bavashri, VII F

"We reuse the discharge water form aquguard, washing try hands " - M. Karthi, VII A

"collecting rain water for bathing and other uses" - S.M. Sivasubramani, VI K

"Adjusted water flow from wash basin taps and kitchen sink tap." B. Ajay, VI G

"Using bucket of water for cleaning car instead of pipe."
S. Mohammed Fahad, VI G

"Use waste water from RO plant for washing" - S.K. Sai Mithra, VI E

"Use water wherever necessary for specific purposes" - G.G.R. Priyan, VI D

"Water leakages in the taps were attended and stoped." -G. Navaneetha Krishnan, VII G

"Washing clothes once in two days" -B. Jayashri, VI H