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Mobile Application "Blue Green ThumbS" for Green Choices

A Mobile Application has been designed & developed for the benefit of Farmers which will assist them in Crop Water Management, Market Linkage and also provide vital information on Weather, Inputs, Price Index, etc., This App is specially designed and developed for Mobile with Android operating system and named as 'Blue Green Thumb'. Initially, this has been developed to enable farmers to ensure optimum use of available water resources Aggregation of farmers to negotiate input and farm output price and to apply fertilizers for crops like paddy and vegetables optimally at the appropriate time. Also provisions have been made for weather information pertaining to their area and price information of the crops in the current market.
In the next phase it is being linked with CWAD, to remotely provide control on time and quantity of Irrigation.

Application Features

  • A farmer can register and use the app using his Mobile phone number.
  • The Application will provide the current and three days forecast of weather information. Based on this, and linkage to CWAD water conservation options will be triggered.
  • Green Crop Management in the App will help the farmers to learn about the effective water management and fertilizer usage techniques which will help them to irrigate required water at different growth stages ensuring optimum use of water. Similarly Fertiliser Management will ensure optimum use of fertilizers required for the crops than the conventional method.
  • The app will also have the information about CWAD device.
  • Technical Information
    Front End (Android Application)

  • Android application is developed in native android using android studio and the application will consume the REST APIs for getting information from database.
  • Back End (Laravel Application and APIs)

  • Laravel is a PHP framework which is used for creating REST APIs and for creating Admin Panel for controlling the information displayed in the App. All the information will be stored in MYSQL database.
  • How to use the application

  • Farmers can use the application by registering using their phone no.
  • For easy use the farmers will only need their phone number for logging into the app.
  • • In water management the farmer have to give the date of sowing as input and the application will store it for sending notification for the farmers and give instruction to the farmers regarding the usage of water for their field.
  • Weather Forecast will use the phone's current location to get the information from the Yahoo weather API.
  • CWAD water management will have a video animation of the working procedure of the CWAD device for easy understanding.
  • Beta Testing of the Application
    The Beta version of the 'Green ThumbS' App has been tested with the farmers of 'Siru Nagar village of Chithamur Block in Kancheepuram District. The Farmers with youths of the village have participated. The various features have been explained to them and the Mobile Application was made to install in their mobiles. As their mobiles are android based there were no problems in installation and studying various menus of the application. They found the Application to be an user friendly one. The suggestions and feedbacks from the farmers and the youths were recorded for incorporating them in the final version.